Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Belated Monday June 9

I am typing without my glasses.  Bear with me.

We had a great day today, (Monday) learning the set up we will be dealing with tomorrow.  We met the beautiful children at the school.  We had a chance to walk around in the village and meet some of the people.  Being a gardener I was very interested in the crops being grown.  The people here plant corn and beans together (just like our native people).  Women were shelling beans and finely chopping collard greens.  I told the woman that collards are extremely healthy.  At least in this area, it appears that people are able to grow enough food to sustain life.  The soil and weather both seem to cooperative with that.

Tomorrow is the first clinic.  Right now it looks like I will be helping in the pharmacy.  Marie and Katy were reviewing the medicine list.  I did recognize a few things, having given them to my cats.


Today (Monday) was a very exciting day as we prepare our first day of clinical work tomorrow.

We will be basing our work out of a few spare classrooms at Luanda Doho Primary School. After meeting the school's principal, they held an assembly for us, during which they greeted us with an original "welcoming chant." Than after introducing ourselves, the entire school (700 students) walked single file to shake all of our hands (some of them even double-dipped). Never in my life have I hugged as many people in one outing as I did in Bolivia and never in my life have I shaken as many hands as I did today in Kenya (I don't know if I'll ever break that record again).

After that heart-wrenching and hand-aching experience ;) we traveled in groups through the nearby neighborhood sharing the gospel, inviting people to the clinic, praying for them, and simply enjoying fellowship together! It was a very nice experience as all the locals were overly inviting and gracious with allowing total strangers into their homes. One family we met had the team pastor pray over their son who has experienced numerous seizures so far in his three years of life and we were blessed in our opportunity to pray for his life.