Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Medical Clinic Update from Tuesday via a phone call from Katie Butler

Dear friends,

The Kenya Mission team is having trouble with internet connections and therefore has not been able to post many photos or blog entries.    Please pray that the internet will be more consistent so that they can post updates.

Katie Butler called her husband Scott today and relayed the good news that the team members are healthy and well. 

Today (Tuesday) was the first day of clinic.  You learn to expect the unexpected on mission trips and the 8:00 a.m. clinic opening became an 11:00 a.m. opening as the vehicle they were traveling to the clinic in became stuck in the mud!  Though many pushed and tried to fix the situation, they eventually abandoned it in favor of walking the rest of the way (someone rescued it later that day).  
The team registered about 350 people today, but because of the late start, saw at least 300.  Diagnosing was hard given the limited equipment and a lot of conversations were focused on providing instructions as to where to go for care and what type should be sought out.   Later in the day, they also made house calls to pray with people.  
As for the team, everybody is doing well and she marveled how God has brought together the perfect group, cohesive and contributing in wonderful and varied ways.  She has had a fitting sidekick in Marie, working to see patients together.  Kyle was taking vitals, nonstop all day.  Lynn has been a multi talented resource, even jumping in to free the van from the mud! And Hank remains a rock, bringing order to chaos in managing the inflow of people.
For prayer requests, she asked for stamina for the team and prayers for those being seen, many who are very sick and in great spiritual need.
Thank you for praying for our Kenya go-ers!  Please continue to pray for them and for all the people that God will bring into their paths this week at the medical clinic.
God bless you all,
matthew beish