Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wed June 11

First off we’d like to thank everyone for all your prayers! We are so blessed to be in in Kenya and we truly appreciate all our senders!

Secondly, thank you for your patience with the blog, Wi-Fi and electricity are spotty to say the least and although we try to post daily, we are often limited by things outside our control.

The last two days have been exhausting, but also very exciting. Every day is an adventure in Africa: yesterday the bus got stuck and we all walked the next mile to the clinic. But since we began our clinic, we have seen over 500 people! There were over 100 more people waiting for treatment today, and they have reservations to be seen first tomorrow morning. We’ve seen everything from asthma attacks and gangrene, to malaria and infected ulcers! HIV testing has also been made available to anyone desiring it and it has been a highly sought after test. Recently we’ve been supplied with additional medications and drugs, which has allowed our providers to treat more patients and allowed the pharmacy to distribute more medications to the patients who need them most.

It took us a while to get in the flow of things, but our team has made tremendous progress and the flow of the clinic (from vitals, to triage, to the providers, and finally to the pharmacy or treatment area) has vastly improved. Our team as a whole is very unified and we gather for daily prayer, song, and devotional after dinner. The team covers a lot of age groups, yet everyone interacts with everyone else and the members of OSLC have really made some great friendships!

Hank has been the team “bouncer” as people in line like to cut. Kyle has been doing vitals. Dr. Butler and Marie are making diagnoses and performing treatments on the necessary patients. Lynn has been very effective working in the pharmacy.

Thanks again for all your prayers and support! Please pray for the health of the team as a few members (none of whom are from OSLC) have had some nausea and fevers. Also your continued prayers for our evangelism efforts at the clinic would be much appreciated! We love you all and thank God for you!


Marie, Katie, Lynn, Hank, Kyle