Friday, June 13, 2014

Thank you for your continued prayers for the team; more posts and photos to come

Dear friends,

Thank you for your continued prayers for our Kenya go-ers.  Praise God that all of the team members are well!  The team has many blog entries ready to share, but the wireless connection and the electricity have been problematic in order to upload them.  Please be patient; they are saved and will be forthcoming.

The following information was communicated through phone calls from team members:
*On Friday the team cared for 500 people
*Saturday is the final day of the medical clinic
*On Sunday the team will worship with our sisters and brothers in Kenya
*Their days have been exhausting but grace filled

Prayer requests from team members are:
*continued protection, stamina, and joy in their ministry
*open hearts among the people they serve and that Jesus is honored in all that they do
*for  mercy and understanding for the people they will have to turn away on Saturday due to time constraints (hundreds of people have been showing up beyond what they can see).

The photo of people waiting in line was from Casey Peters, who is a nurse from Dover, NH.  She is a member of the LCMS Mercy Medical team serving with our 5 go-ers.

Praying with you,
matthew beish